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Award Winners by Author of 2019

Rank Author Packages Points
1 Scott Arciszewski United States 9 65
2 Ray Paseur United States 4 43
3 Zacchaeus Bolaji Nigeria 5 41
4 Naif Alshaye Saudi Arabia 6 39
5 adam berger Poland 3 37
6 Pierre-Henry Soria 3 36
6 Dave Smith United States 3 36
8 Niko Finland 4 34
9 Juan Chaves Spain 4 33
10 Thiago Przyczynski Brazil 3 29

Award Winners by Country of 2019

Rank Country Packages Points
1 United States United States 22 192
2 India India 10 91
3 Spain Spain 9 77
4 Brazil Brazil 7 74
5 United Kingdom 7 66
6 Germany Germany 8 63
7 Bangladesh Bangladesh 7 61
8 Poland Poland 6 49
8 Australia Australia 5 49
10 Nigeria Nigeria 6 44

Winners of December of 2019

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 PHP Inventory Management System with Scanner
Manage inventory stock using scanner application
Abed Nego Ragil Putra Indonesia 20.00% 15 1 year subscription to the Basic Plan of an API product of choice
1 Simple PHP Enigma Machine
Encrypt and decrypt data like the Enigma machine
adam berger Poland 20.00% 15
3 PHP Test Bed
Test PHP scripts describing what they execute
Natanael Simões Brazil 15.00% 13
3 Druid PHP Client
Send queries to a Apache Druid service
T. H. The Netherlands 15.00% 13 One official elePHPant Plush Mascott
5 Billbee PHP API SDK
Manage sales in multiple sites with BillBee API
Julian Finkler Germany 10.00% 11
6 Laravel PHP Bible
Retrieve content from the Holy Bible
Zacchaeus Bolaji Nigeria 5.00% 10
6 PHP Currency Converter API
Provides an API to return currency exchange rates
Manolo Salsas Spain 5.00% 10
6 PHP Pregnancy Week Calculator
Compute the weeks of pregnancy with the start date
Dannel Cuba 5.00% 10
6 PHP Mini Language
Execute string of a simple language conditions
Jorge Castro Chile 5.00% 10
10 Laravel Interactive Jobs
Run background jobs and monitor progress on a page
Insolita Russian Federation <1.00% 6
10 Laravel Grammar
Detect the type of a given word in a sentence
Zacchaeus Bolaji Nigeria <1.00% 6
10 Laravel Migration Rollback
Revert one or more database migrations
Zacchaeus Bolaji Nigeria <1.00% 6
10 Melis PHP CMS Skeleton
Setup the Melis CMS application on a given domain
Fabrice Fesch France <1.00% 6
10 PHP Budget Application API
API to manage records of budget requests
Manolo Salsas Spain <1.00% 6
10 WordPress PHPMyAdmin
Access MySQL database tables from WordPress
Zacchaeus Bolaji Nigeria <1.00% 6

Winners of November of 2019

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 serpStack PHP Google Search API
Perform searches on Google using the serpStack API
Dave Smith United States 23.53% 15
2 PHP Emoji Library Catalog
Return Emoji characters using class constants
jawira Belgium 17.65% 14
3 PHP Billing System Reports
Display and email customer billing reports
Luis Gabriel Hernandez Valderrama Colombia 11.76% 13
3 PHP Logger Library Depot
Retrieve logger objects using named keys
Kjell-Inge Gustafsson Sweden 11.76% 13
3 Laravel Revert Model Events
Log, list and undo changes done on model objects
Zacchaeus Bolaji Nigeria 11.76% 13
6 Multiple Laravel Migration Path Directories
Add custom directories for Laravel migration files
Faisal Islam Bangladesh 5.88% 10
6 PHP XML Signature
Parse and create XML documents signed digitally
Kjell-Inge Gustafsson Sweden 5.88% 10
6 Lumen PHP JWT API Authentication
Create an API that supports JSON Web tokens
Nahidul Hasan Bangladesh 5.88% 10
6 Kundli PHP Astrology Chart Generator
Render a Kundli astrology chart using an API
Vishv Sahdev India 5.88% 10
10 Simple PHP Multiplication Table Using for Loop
Display a multiplication table for a given number
Mr. Dharmendra Kumar India <1.00% 6
10 Joomla PHP Type Hint Classes
Joomla class definitions for autocompleting in IDE
Kakhaber Kashmadze Georgia <1.00% 6
10 PHP Deep Fry
Apply an effect to an image to make it look fried
Miraz Mac Bangladesh <1.00% 6
10 frdl PHP Whois API Web Interface
Web application module query domain with whois API
Till Wehowski Germany <1.00% 6
10 Laravel XSLT
Render templates in XSLT for Laravel applications
Kacper Rowinski Poland <1.00% 6
10 PHP Case Convert
Convert strings between many naming conventions
jawira Belgium <1.00% 6

Winners of October of 2019

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 PHP TCP Arduino
Communicate with a Arduino device via TCP IP
Natanael Simões Brazil 29.41% 12 One official elePHPant Plush Mascott
2 Online PHP Image Transform
Application to do interactive image manipulation
Manolo Salsas Spain 23.53% 11 One subscription to the PDF edition of the PHP Architect magazine
3 PHP Scrape Stack
Scrape web sites using scrapeStack API
Dave Smith United States 17.65% 10
4 WordPress Popup Plugin
Plugin to show popup windows in WordPress pages
Juan Chaves Spain 5.88% 9
4 Very Simple WordPress Map Plugin
Display maps in WordPress pages with OpenStreetMap
Juan Chaves Spain 5.88% 9
4 Presento
Present or transform data passed as arrays
Nahid Bin Azhar Bangladesh 5.88% 9
4 Unused PHP Composer Packages Scanner
Detect packages in a composer project that unused
Insolita Russian Federation 5.88% 9 1 Year Subscription to NomadPHP Advanced PHP Learning
4 PHP MariaDB Execute Compound Statement
Execute compound statements embedded in PHP code
Santo Nuzzolillo Venezuela 5.88% 9
9 WP Visitor Statistics Plugin
Create links to customized WordPress statistics
Juan Chaves Spain <1.00% 4
9 PHP Voice Recognition Inputs
Generate form inputs to allow user voice control
Igor Rybalka Ukraine <1.00% 4
9 PHP Composer Recovery
Recover lost composer dependency list
Insolita Russian Federation <1.00% 4
9 Laravel Magento API Integration
Service to use Magento from Laravel applications
Stefan Ninic Bosnia and Herzegovina <1.00% 4

Winners of September of 2019

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 portable ascii
Manipulate text strings without special extensions
Lars Moelleken Germany 26.67% 13 One official elePHPant Plush Mascott
2 PHP Eloquent Find Filter
Compose filters to find object matching conditions
Nahidul Hasan Bangladesh 13.33% 12
3 swoft
Framework to develop coroutine based application
stelin China 6.67% 11
3 PHP cURL Multiple Requests
Send several HTTP requests to the different URLs
Scoot Kemery Indonesia 6.67% 11 1GB Cloud Hosting Server - free for 1 year
3 WeatherStack PHP Class
Retrieve weather information from WeatherStack API
Dave Smith United States 6.67% 11
3 Simple Wordpress Slideshow Plugin
WordPress plugin to display a slideshow on a post
Juan Chaves Spain 6.67% 11
3 PHP JSON Response Class
Generate a HTTP request response in JSON format
Ogbemudia Osayawe Germany 6.67% 11
3 PHP Optional Chaining
Chain class function calls preventing errors
Axel Pardemann Mexico 6.67% 11 One subscription to the PDF edition of the PHP Architect magazine
3 PHP Security Code Card
Generate card with security code values on them
Angel Alberto Briceño Obregón Peru 6.67% 11
3 PHP Mussel
PHP file virus scanner to detect malware
Caleb Australia 6.67% 11
Check if an IP address is a bad source of traffic
Caleb Australia 6.67% 11
12 PHP Get Currency Symbol
Get the symbol of any given currency
Ogbemudia Osayawe Germany <1.00% 2
12 PHP HTTP Status Code Constants
Get messages and descriptions of HTTP status codes
Kacper Rowinski Poland <1.00% 2

Winners of August of 2019

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 PHP Page Preview
Display the preview of a page like Facebook posts
Vivek moyal India 27.27% 12
2 Sphinx PHP Doc RST
Generate Sphinx documentation from PHPDoc comments
Francesco Danti Italy 18.18% 11
3 Handy Properties with PHP Accessors and Mutators
Accessors and mutators to access class variables
Axel Pardemann Mexico 9.09% 10
3 PHPDoc PDF Output Generator
Create PDF files from PHP sources with PHPDoc
Lluís Camino Spain 9.09% 10
3 Simple Laravel Role Management
Control the access to resources based on roles
Thiago Przyczynski Brazil 9.09% 10
3 PHP Blake Chain
Create and verify chained blocks of hashed data
Scott Arciszewski United States 9.09% 10
3 Laravel Nginx Configuration
Create a Virtualhost in nginx for a Laravel site
Ankit Jain India 9.09% 10
3 PHP APK File Download Collector
Download Android app files from various sites
Chun-Sheng, Li Taiwan 9.09% 10
9 PHP iNotify Extension Class
Get notifications of when directory files change
Kacper Rowinski Poland <1.00% 4
9 Argon2 Refiner
Benchmark Argon2id hashing to recommend parameters
Scott Arciszewski United States <1.00% 4
9 PHP Node.js Communication IPC Client
Send messages to a Node server via sockets
Juraj Puchký <1.00% 4
9 PHP License Detector
Detect the type of project license text
Sami Ilyes Mazouz Algeria <1.00% 4

Winners of July of 2019

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 PHP CodeIgniter Database Wrapper
Access database using CodeIgniter database library
Arumugam P India 21.43% 12
2 ATK4 PHP Debug Bar
Output debug information using PHP DebugBar
Francesco Danti Italy 14.29% 11 1 Year Subscription to NomadPHP Advanced PHP Learning
2 Fake PHP Admin Panel HoneyPot
Implements a fake admin panel for a site
Pierre-Henry Soria 14.29% 11
2 Corner
Implements exceptions and errors with more details
Scott Arciszewski United States 14.29% 11
5 PHP Value Objects
Access data in containers using value objects
Axel Pardemann Mexico 7.14% 8
5 Doubles
Create mock objects by doubling a given class
Alexandre France 7.14% 8
5 Magento Birthday Coupon
Create birthday discount coupons for store users
Thiago Przyczynski Brazil 7.14% 8
5 PHP MySQL Shell
Execute MySQL queries from the command line shell
Dev Sharma India 7.14% 8
5 PHP OpenAPI Library
Implement APIs defined using OpenAPI specification
Virgilio lino Italy 7.14% 8
10 PHP Unique Number Repository
Maintain repositories of unique numbers via an API
nvb Germany <1.00% 3
10 PHP JSON Pretty Print
Display data types like human-readable JSON values
chrys ugwu Nigeria <1.00% 3
10 YII2 PHP Audit Log
Create logs to track changes in database records
Ruturaj Maniyar India <1.00% 3

Winners of June of 2019

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 PHP End Game Engine Website
Build Web sites for promoting games
Taranpreet Singh India 26.67% 14 SourceGuarding PHP encoder tool
2 PHP AJAX Calculator
Perform calculations and get the results via AJAX
Pierre-Henry Soria 20.00% 13 30 Days Free Access to O'Reilly Safari Learning Platform
3 Free Text Search
Search for data taking common words typed by users
Pierre-Henry Soria 13.33% 12
4 PHP WordPress Plugin Generator
Generate a WordPress plugin from developer answers
Cleber Mendes Australia 6.67% 11
4 Encase PHP Functional Programming
Make functions work as if they are class functions
Nathaniel Sherwood 6.67% 11 One official elePHPant Plush Mascott
4 PHP Strip HTML Tags
Process HTML to strip tags, attributes or PHP code
zinsou A.A.E.Moïse Benin 6.67% 11
4 PHP Busca CEP Correios
API to search for Brazilian zip codes
Thiago Przyczynski Brazil 6.67% 11 1 Year Subscription to NomadPHP Advanced PHP Learning
4 PHP Polimorphism
Demonstrate several ways to implement polimorphism
adam berger Poland 6.67% 11
4 PHP Benchmark Tool
Measure the time and memory that a PHP script uses
Alexandre France 6.67% 11
10 PHP String Hidden Characters
Hide strings to avoid appearing in stack traces
Scott Arciszewski United States <1.00% 5
10 PHP Facebook Locale
Get the list of countries supported by Facebook
Raskin Veniamin Russian Federation <1.00% 5
10 YII D3 PHP PDF Object
Embed PDF documents in HTML pages
Uldis Nelsons Latvia <1.00% 5
10 XOOPS Publisher Module
Publish static HTML content and article with XOOPS
Michael Beck United States <1.00% 5
10 PHP Cloudflare IP GEO
Get the IP of a user of a site that uses Cloudfare
Meraj-Ul Islam Bangladesh <1.00% 5

Winners of May of 2019

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 PHP MySQL SSL PDO Connection
Connect to a MySQL database using SSL certificates
adam berger Poland 28.57% 11 One official elePHPant Plush Mascott
2 PHP HPKP Builder
Generate Public Key Pinning headers
Scott Arciszewski United States 14.29% 10
2 PHP Feature Switch
Activate, deactivate and store feature values
Marcel Pociot Germany 14.29% 10
2 PHP Session Variable Manipulation
Change or flash session variable values
Taranpreet Singh India 14.29% 10 1 Year Subscription to NomadPHP Advanced PHP Learning
5 PHP OpenCart CLI
Control an OpenCart installation from the console
Istvan Dobrentei Hungary 7.14% 7
5 PHP Array Functions
Determine the type and run other array operations
Muhammad Umer Farooq Pakistan 7.14% 7
5 PHP Apache Status Page Parser Component
Extract details from Apache server status pages
nvb Germany 7.14% 7
5 Weighted PHP Statistics
Calculate statistics on weighted data sets
Greg Neyman United States 7.14% 7 One subscription to the PDF edition of the PHP Architect magazine
9 PHP GeoHelper API Client
Retrieve location lists using the Geohelper API
Dmitry Mamontov Russian Federation <1.00% 3
9 PHP Address Parser
Extract address and other contact types from text
Raskin Veniamin Russian Federation <1.00% 3
9 PHP Vending Machine
Simulate a vending machine business operations
Charles Australia <1.00% 3

Winners of April of 2019

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 Zebra MPTT
Store a tree using the MPTT algorithm in MySQL
Stefan Gabos Romania 23.08% 13
1 PHP Face Detection Library
Scan, recognize and crop faces in images
Charles Australia 23.08% 13 1GB Cloud Hosting Server - free for 1 year
3 PHP Safe File Write
Write to files avoiding simultaneous accesses
Michael Cummings United States 15.38% 11 One official elePHPant Plush Mascott
4 Laravel Nova Text Field with Icon
Show a text field with custom icon in Laravel Nova
Naif Alshaye Saudi Arabia 7.69% 10
4 PHP CRUD Library Trait
Manipulate database table records using a trait
Muddathir Samir Sudan 7.69% 10
4 PHP Shortcut Classes
Create shorter name functions to create objects
zinsou A.A.E.Moïse Benin 7.69% 10
4 PHP Migration Tool Verification
Analyse and find issues to migrate PHP code
Moisés Lima Brazil 7.69% 10
4 PHP Copy Object Properties to Another
Copy the values of attributes to another object
Lucas de Oliveira Brazil 7.69% 10 1 Year Subscription to NomadPHP Advanced PHP Learning
9 Laravel Nova PHP MySQL Manager
Web interface for MySQL server management
Naif Alshaye Saudi Arabia <1.00% 5
9 React PHP HTTP Client
Process HTTP request responses asynchronously
Sergey Shuchkin Russian Federation <1.00% 5
9 Encapsulate PHP Constants in Class
Encapsulate several constants in the same class
Steven Hoyt United States <1.00% 5
9 PHP WCAG Color Compliance
Get the contrast ratio between two colors for WCAG
Andrew Collington <1.00% 5
9 Bookmarks Checker for Chrome and Firefox
Check browser bookmark files to identify dead URLs
Martin Latter <1.00% 5

Winners of March of 2019

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 PHP Serializable JSON and Array Entity
Dump objects to strings in JSON and Array formats
Niko Finland 25.00% 10 One official elePHPant Plush Mascott
2 Easy PHP WordPress Filter
Plugin to filter the output WordPress content
Roni Bangladesh 16.67% 9 1GB Cloud Hosting Server - free for 1 year
3 Nova PHP Push Notifications
Laravel based Web app to send push notifications
Naif Alshaye Saudi Arabia 8.33% 8
3 PHP Array Diff Multidimensional
Get differences between 2 multidimensional arrays
Niko Finland 8.33% 8
3 React PHP Session Middleware using Redis
Store session data in Redis using React PHP
Niko Finland 8.33% 8
3 React PHP PSR Cache Bridge
Provides PSR compliant cache interface using React
Niko Finland 8.33% 8
3 D3 PHP POP3 Receive Email
Retrieve email messages from POP3 mailbox with YII
Uldis Nelsons Latvia 8.33% 8 One subscription to the PDF edition of the PHP Architect magazine
3 Laravel Nova Log Viewer
Display information about logs in Laravel Nova
Nyi Nyi Lwin Myanmar 8.33% 8
3 pharaoh
Compare two PHAR files to retrieve the differences
Scott Arciszewski United States 8.33% 8
10 Nova PHP Server Monitor Login
Track users logging in your system via Slack
Naif Alshaye Saudi Arabia <1.00% 1

Winners of February of 2019

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 PHP Raspberry PI DS18B20
Read values from RaspberryPI DS18B20 sensors
András Zoltán-Gyárfás Romania 26.67% 15 One year server license IP to country, region, city, latitude, longitude, ZIP code, time zone, area code database
2 PHP UTF-8 Validation
Validate and repair strings in UTF-8 encoding
Ray Paseur United States 16.67% 14
3 PHP Secure Cookie
Store cookies allowing to detect unwanted changes
Ray Paseur United States 13.33% 13
3 JPOPHP PHP JSON Parser Class
Encode and decode data in JSON format
Max Base United States 13.33% 13
5 Whoops
Handle PHP errors integrating with code editors
Muhammad Umer Farooq Pakistan 10.00% 11 One official elePHPant Plush Mascott
5 Universal PHP Data Grid
Display and process data to edit database records
Ar Gabid Kazakhstan 10.00% 11
7 PHP World Date
Prints formatted date string
Peter Kahl Hong Kong 3.33% 9
7 PHP CSP Header Builder
Generate Content Security Policy headers
Scott Arciszewski United States 3.33% 9
7 PHP Twitter Bot
Application to automate interactions using Twitter
Naif Alshaye Saudi Arabia 3.33% 9
10 PHP PlusCode Local
Get the location information from PlusCode
Ray Paseur United States <1.00% 6
10 PHP Convert CSV to UTF-8
Convert a CSV file to have data in UTF-8 encoding
peyman Iran <1.00% 6
10 PHP Constant Time String Encoding
Encode text without leaking context information
Scott Arciszewski United States <1.00% 6
10 PHP Saudi Arabia Addresses
Get location details from the Saudi National API
Naif Alshaye Saudi Arabia <1.00% 6
10 PHP Morse Code
Encode or decode your Morse code messages
Johnny Mast The Netherlands <1.00% 6
10 WordPress Fields Plugin
Add custom form fields to WordPress interface
Mahesh Waghmare India <1.00% 6

Winners of January of 2019

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 Laravel Env Testing
Check if variables in a .env file are outdated
Arnel Labarda Philippines 15.79% 10 SourceGuarding PHP encoder tool
1 YII2 PHP Dashboard Panel
Controller and a widget to display dashboard panel
Uldis Nelsons Latvia 15.79% 10
1 PHP Geocode Address Formatter
Parse a location string and returns its details
Ray Paseur United States 15.79% 10 One subscription to the PDF edition of the PHP Architect magazine
4 PHP Helper Class
Call helper functions that are loaded dynamically
Alexey Starikov Russian Federation 10.53% 7 One official elePHPant Plush Mascott
4 PHP Decorator Pattern
Implement the decorator pattern using a trait
Aleksandar Zivanovic Serbia 10.53% 7 One downloadable copy of Komodo IDE
Get the zip code of a given location with USPS API
Jason Olson United States 10.53% 7 One downloadable copy of PhpED Professional
4 PHP ChaCha20-Poly1305
Encrypt and decrypt data using ChaCha20 cipher
Jose Luis Lucas Spain 10.53% 7
4 Laravel PHP Global Search
Provide search capabilities to data objects
Nyi Nyi Lwin Myanmar 10.53% 7
9 PHP Select Box Validation
Validate an option of a select input with its HTML
peyman Iran <1.00% 2
9 Airship barge
Build extensions for the Airship CMS
Scott Arciszewski United States <1.00% 2

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