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PHP parallel programming: Installation + Test

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Subject:PHP parallel programming:...
Summary:Installation is a bit hard
Date:2010-01-02 09:40:34
Update:2011-03-18 22:27:02

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Picture of Dovidl Dovidl - 2010-01-02 09:40:34

First of all: I often thought about a multiprocessor-solution and was glad to find this class.

Regrettable the manual is a bit small but after searching around in all the files I got some logic and places where to insert the right paths.

Executing the asynchronous test now I only get the Message (12 times):
Forker::runComplete - status file '.../php-forker/Forker/bin/command/GFuGf3E5M7gqQh9YSWufZns0LFMUs5Cd/status/.0' does not exist
This message is only shown when the page is loaded the first time, refreshing (with the same parameter ?GUID=GFuGf3E5M7gqQh9YSWufZns0LFMUs5Cd) lets the message disappear.

With compiling under Windows I have some problems, the free Borland Compiler seems being very old, how is the command for other Compilers like VC++ 2008?

A Manual what the class does and how to use it with a small example like database-query and rendering would be useful.
The tests represent some examples but are a bit abstract in that kind.

Best Regards

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Picture of selver selver - 2011-03-18 22:27:02 - In reply to message 1 from Dovidl
Pleasse, how i install class for parallel programing.
How i setings
PHP settings:
ForkerManager::$FORKER_DIR, the directory where library is copied
ForkerManager::$PATH, the PHP executable path

C++ settings
FORKER_DIR, the directory where library is copied
PATH, the PHP executable path
Help me!