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am i doing something wrong?

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Subject:am i doing something wrong?
Summary:not working
Date:2008-01-29 12:51:58
Update:2008-01-29 20:07:16

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Picture of nikolicv nikolicv - 2008-01-29 12:51:58
i downloaded package in zip file and unpacked it to my local.
php 5 is on it.

First i didnt get any result and got message:
Fatal error: Call to a member function printjs() on a non-object in C:\wamp\www\optimized\example-aa-ur\index.php on line 8

after that i wrote in index.php

$ajax = new autoajax();

then page opened but with error:
This page is downloaded by ajax.
Warning: ADDING_NOT_EXISTEN in C:\wamp\www\optimized\autoajax.php on line 224

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Picture of Cesar D. Rodas Cesar D. Rodas - 2008-01-29 20:07:16 - In reply to message 1 from nikolicv

Who's doing wrong is me :'(, I promise to create a documentation.

You should see "example/" folder because the "example-aa-ur/" needs the project Url Rewrite ( ).

Also if you want to use this project with php4 you need my json ajax class (

Best regards,

PD: I promise to take time to write a doc. for this class.