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Subject:Popup screens
Summary:Can not get autoajax to allow pop links
Author:Eje Gustafsson
Date:2007-12-24 18:28:38
Update:2007-12-25 18:03:51

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Picture of Eje Gustafsson Eje Gustafsson - 2007-12-24 18:28:38
I have a system in place and autoajax seems to be a very nice way to improve the quality of the code I have written.

However there are at a couple of places in my online app that I need to popup some small windows but no matter what I seem to do autoajax will prevent any popup windows.

Help... Suggestions???

/ Eje

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Picture of Cesar D. Rodas Cesar D. Rodas - 2007-12-25 18:03:51 - In reply to message 1 from Eje Gustafsson

How I understand (please correct me if I am wrong) you want to create pop-ups like "<a href=''>New window</a>" ?

AutoAjax analyze the content of the "href" and will find "javacript:..." and because a "javascript:..." could be handle by the ajax, it will return the control to the browser and it will be execute.

Talking in simples words it will work :)