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javascript dont work in complementary page

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Subject:javascript dont work in...
Summary:javascript dont work in complementary page
Date:2008-08-29 02:02:45

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Picture of Josue Josue - 2008-08-29 02:02:45
Hello, I am using self-ajax, I served as the lot, but today I present a problem, my homepage is index.php and an additional page, which is called empresa.php burden autoajax; page contains javascript, but when it is loaded with autoajax, this Javascript code is not enforced, especially jquery want to use, but unfortunately not run anything javascript, for that is that this happens?

sorry for my english i used a traslator

original messaage:
Hola, estoy utilizando auto ajax, me servio de mucho, pero actualmente presento un problema, mi pagina principal es index.php y una pagina complementaria, la cual carga autoajax se llama empresa.php; esta pagina contiene javascript, pero cuando se carga con autoajax, este codigo javascript no se ejecuta; especialmente quiero utilizar jquery, pero lamentablemente no ejecuta nada de javascript; por que es que ocurre esto???, y cual seria la solucion??