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Doubt about form

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Subject:Doubt about form
Summary:$submit variable are never true
Author:Eduardo Fuerte
Date:2009-02-26 22:48:28
Update:2009-03-19 16:55:35

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Picture of Eduardo Fuerte Eduardo Fuerte - 2009-02-26 22:48:28
Hello Mr. Fauque !

I've used your examples and my doubt here is about the $submit variable that is always "false" so the correction ($test->correction()) of the form test never occur ?!

I really don't know if it's needed any configuration (unfortunatelly I cant understand your pdf text very well)

Could you please help me ?


$idQCM = 9; // Identifiant, numéro du questionnaire
require("QCM.php"); // Insertion de la classe d'objet
$test = new qcm($idQCM); // Instanciation du test
<title><? echo $test->title; ?></title>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="test.css" type="text/css">


echo "Submit ".$submit;

if (!$submit) {
echo "<form method=\"post\" name=\"test\" action=\"$PHP_SELF\">\n";
$test->display(); // Affichage du test
echo "</form>\n"; }
else {
$test->correction(); // Correction du test

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Picture of Pierre FAUQUE Pierre FAUQUE - 2009-03-19 16:55:35 - In reply to message 1 from Eduardo Fuerte
This reply is just for the forum, because you (Eduardo) know the solution.
For others take a look at the message : "This package is done with errors, #6".
The solution is in it.