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Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: Bookmarks Checker for Chrome and Firefox
Check browser bookmark files to identify dead URLs
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Date: 4 years ago
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#!/usr/bin/env python3 # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- """ Bookmarks Checker """ import argparse import os import re import threading import time import urllib.request class BookmarksChecker(object): """ Bookmarks Checker Verify links in a Chrome or Firefox exported bookmarks file. Usage python [-f file] Python Version 3.x Author Martin Latter <> Copyright Martin Latter 21/09/2017 Version 0.04 Credits Doug Hellmann (threading usage) License GNU GPL version 3.0 (GPL v3); Link """ DEBUG = False USER_AGENT = 'Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Ubuntu; Linux x86_64; rv:55.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/55.0' NUMBER_THREADS = 16 num_urls = 0 dead_link_counter = 0 url_parse_time = 0 parse_flag = False url_index = {} def __init__(self): """ Initialise and execute methods. """ filename = self.get_args() self.check_file(filename) self.parse_file(filename) def get_args(self): """ Parse the command line arguments. """ parser = argparse.ArgumentParser() parser.add_argument( '-f', '--file', dest='filename', help='Specify filename of the bookmarks file to load', default='bookmarks.html', type=str, action='store') args = parser.parse_args() return args.filename def check_file(self, filename): """ Check bookmark file existence and access. Args: filename: name of bookmarks file. """ if not os.access(filename, os.R_OK): print('\n %s cannot be found or cannot be read.\n' % filename) os._exit(-1) def parse_file(self, filename): """ Parse the file, extract links, and set-up threads. Args: filename: name of bookmarks file. """ urls = [] thread_holder = [] with open(filename) as bmfile: for line in bmfile: full_url = re.findall(r'(<a\s[^>]*href=\"([^\"]*)\"[^>]*>(.*)<\/a>)', line, re.I) if full_url: urls.append(full_url[0][1]) self.url_index[full_url[0][1]] = full_url[0][2] if not len(urls): print('\n No links extracted from %s\n' % filename) os._exit(-1) pool = ActivePool() semaphore = threading.Semaphore(self.NUMBER_THREADS) self.url_parse_time = time.time() for url in urls: current_url = url thread = threading.Thread( target=self.activate_thread, name=current_url, args=(semaphore, pool, current_url) ) thread_holder.append(thread) self.num_urls = len(urls) print('\n %i links being checked ...' % self.num_urls) if not self.DEBUG: print('\n failures:\n') for thrd in thread_holder: thrd.start() for thrd in thread_holder: thrd.join() self.display_final_info() def activate_thread(self, semaphore, pool, url): """ Activate thread to check a URL. Args: semaphore: threading semaphore. pool: instance of ActivePool() url: a single URL. """ with semaphore: name = threading.current_thread().getName() pool.activate(name) self.check_url(url) pool.deactivate(name) def check_url(self, url): """ Thread method to check URL access. Args: url: a single URL. """ headers = {'User-Agent': self.USER_AGENT} try: url_name = self.url_index[url] req = urllib.request.Request(url, None, headers) response = urllib.request.urlopen(req) # print(response.getcode()) if self.DEBUG: print(' ok: %s | %s' % (url_name, url)) except urllib.error.HTTPError as err2: self.dead_link_counter += 1 if not self.DEBUG: print(' F: %s | %s -- %s' % (url_name, url, str(err2.code))) except urllib.error.URLError as err1: self.dead_link_counter += 1 if not self.DEBUG: print('\t %s | %s' % (url_name, url)) else: print(' F: %s | %s -- %s' % (url_name, url, str(err1.reason))) except: pass def display_final_info(self): """ Display dead link count and URL parse time. """ print('\n %i links failed' % self.dead_link_counter) print(' %i links verified\n' % (self.num_urls - self.dead_link_counter)) print(' URL parse time: %s secs\n' % str.format('{0:.5f}', (time.time() - self.url_parse_time))) # end class class ActivePool(object): """ Active pool of threads. Python Version 3.x Author Doug Hellmann """ def __init__(self): super(ActivePool, self).__init__() = [] self.lock = threading.Lock() def activate(self, name): """ Activate thread. """ with self.lock: def deactivate(self, name): """ Deactivate thread. """ with self.lock: # end class def main(): """ Invoke class. """ BookmarksChecker() if __name__ == '__main__': main()